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Multicultural Dress-up Day


2017 Missions Conference

10/6 (Fri) 8pm-9:40pm

Child care (preschool – elementary aged kids)

will be provided in Kingdom Room.

Nursery Room will be open for infants and parents.

10/8 (Sun) 10am-12pm


Special Service in Kingdom Room & Rainbow Room




It is our prayer that our children will grow with a heart for

missions, awareness of diverse cultures, and concern for

those who have not accepted the Good News of Jesus

Christ. So we would like to celebrate this year’s Missions

Conference Sunday as the “Multicultural Dress-Up Day” and

invite our parents to be part of our children’s learning

experience! This will be an opportunity for our children and

families to learn about other cultures in a fun, memorable

way! Here’s how your family can participate:

1. Encourage your child to choose a country.

2. As a family, research together about the country of the

child’s choice. Maybe you can make a trip to the library

or ask our good old Google. Find out the following info:

* Where is the country located?

* What are they known for?

* What is their predominant religion?

* What kind of food do they eat?

* What do their traditional folk costumes look like?

3. Make your own costumes or accessories your child can

wear on the Multicultural Dress-Up Day.

4. Have your child come to church dressed up and share

what he/she has learned about the country with friends!

(If parents come dressed up as well, even better!)



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